The joys of discovering new music: Wolfsbane

wolfsbaneSo one of the things that I do is freelance work on Mechanical Turk. It’s something I do for a little side income, which goes directly into my savings/investments.

And one of my favorite hits to do are from a group called AudioKite. They essentially pay you to write mini reviews of music. It’s fun for me, because music writing is one of the things I really enjoy doing, and something I have at various points in time have done for my day job.

The downside? Some of the music is truly horrendous. I sometimes can only do so many of these songs because they’re just so awful. It’s like an American Idol audition.

But like American Idol, you occasionally find a diamond in the ruff — and I found one of those diamonds today.

Braced for the next batch of garbage (not Garbage, unfortunately), I was pleasantly surprised instead to be treated to the sultry vocals of Wolfsbane, a band featuring one of the most interesting female vocalists I’ve heard in some time.

Fortunately several of the AudioKite “hits” were Wolfsbane, and I loved her vocals so much that I had to track down the music. There’s a Wolfsbane on Spotify but it is definitely NOT her. I did find the band on Reverb Nation, and they also have a Facebook page.

It’s hard to describe why I’m so transfixed with her vocals – her voices has a depth and power that drew me in, a sultriness hinting at a darker edge without going full-blown gloom. It helps that the music itself is great — semi-industrial indie rock that’s well produced.

She’s an LA performer, which means the odds she’ll make it here to Wisconsin are pretty slim (though our great local music hotspot Malarkey’s is pretty good at snagging acts of her level as they play larger surrounding cities, so maybe?).

But no matter — the important point is discovering new music. There’s a certain joy about music discovery that’s hard to articulate. But it makes me smile, nonetheless.

I’m B.C. Kowalski, writer and photographer, among other things, in Wausau, WI. I also write books, including the Robot Awareness series, and I run Define Photography. Follow me on Twitter too!


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