Get a free kindle book Friday and Saturday: Robot Awareness Part I!

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The cover for the first release of the science fiction fantasy novel, Robot Awareness.

In honor of EgoCon in Stevens Point (which I totally planned out and was in no way a random coincidence), I will be giving away Robot Awareness: Part I absolutely free!

That’s right – pick up the adventures of Isellia, Joey, the Robot, Porter, Rex, Stephen and Celia as they try to find their way in a corporate-controlled world that doesn’t have much use for misfits such as them. Isellia’s is the most poignant story — a teenage girl, the daughter of a great XR racer, seemingly destined to be great herself, now crashed and burned, lost her sponsors and found work with a smuggling crew. Her goal is to save enough to take the guns off her XR and pay the entry fee, and reclaim her spot as a racer. But traveling through space with them are four mysterious passengers who have other ideas.

The book is in three parts, and the fourth will come out this year. I’m currently working on a follow up story to The Sand Runner, and plan to start revising Part IV. But Part IV will cap off only the first book – Robot Awareness: The Inner Circle is the second part of the series, and I’ve written the first part of that as well. They are basically two novels, told in serial form.

While I learned a lot and since have refined my writing/editing process, I still think Robot Awareness is a good read. That’s what I aim to do with my books. I think there are some deeper themes in Robot Awareness, but I always set out to write a book that’s entertaining first. If it’s not fun to read, what’s the point?

Anyway, enjoy the first part for free today and Saturday!


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