Robot Awareness: Part III is here!

Robot Awareness part iii, b.c. kowalski, isellia, joey sci-fi, writingIt’s out! As of early evening on Christmas, Robot Awareness: Part III is available on Amazon!

That leaves one more part to be released to complete the first arc. Then the crew heads to the Inner Circle for the final four parts of the Robot Awareness series!

Check out Robot Awareness Part III here, and as always, for a free review copy, email me at dr.applezoid[@] The only thing I ask in return is that you leave me an honest review! Reviews really help authors get noticed on Amazon, so bring on those four and five star reviews! Again, I will exchange any copy of the Robot Awareness series for an honest review. (I would prefer you not leave a review if it’s a 2 or 1 star, but I’m pretty you’ll like it enough for at least a 3. I’ve only gotten one 3-star review so far and nothing below that so far!)

Hope everyone had a great holiday! I’ve been on an 80s film kick, as you might have noticed, and have plenty more cultural topics to blog about soon! Also, I’ve been on a writing kick, with more ideas than I have time for, but expect some new types of work soon!



  1. Sounds quite interesting! I will send an email to you shortly and would be happy to share a review upon completion. Thank you!

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