Robot Awareness Part III coming in time for Christmas!

Robot Awareness part iii, b.c. kowalski, isellia, joey sci-fi, writingWell, I’m finally ready to wrap up Part III of Robot Awareness. I plan to publish it before Christmas, so you all will have a little Yuletide reading!

With that, I’m really looking forward to writing some NEW material. I wrote new material for so long, that when I finally started publishing, I had a lot of material to edit. That tends to suck up one’s time, so I’m spending it editing instead of writing new stuff.

Following Hugh Howey’s advice, I’ve been mostly building a body of work, so that when I spend the time to promote, I have a body of work TO promote. So I’ve not promoted myself to the fullest, but instead have worked on building a presence.

But once all four parts of Robot Awareness is out, and a print book becomes available, I plan to start the promotion circuit, and that means I’ll be even more busy. So time for writing new material?

I’ll find it. Sometimes you have to prioritize, and I think the writing of new work should have precedent over promotion and editing. Those things need to get done, but when new work presents itself, I need to get on it. And I’ve got a new idea for a series of short stories percolating (and a new Sand Runner I think too!) so there will be plenty to do.

Here’s to writing!


In the meantime, check out my current works on Amazon!



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