Loving the response to ‘Why writing every day is bullshit’

I started this website only four months ago, so my traffic hasn’t been terribly high as of yet. But like anything, the key to running successful websites is to stick with it, keep putting in the effort, and the results will come.

I thought when I wrote the post, Why writing every day is bullshit, I thought it would get a response – but I didn’t think it would be positive. I thought I would get flooded with negative comments from those pushing the write every day mantra.

Instead, the opposite happened. It turned out, there were a whole lot of writers sick of hearing this line of bull. Sick of people telling them they’re failures because they’re not writing every single day, not making writing some form of self-inflicted torture. There were a lot of writers who read this post and said “thank you.”

Well, allow me to say that back to you: Thank you.

The post sat without much attention until it was shared by Kelsey Nelson on Twitter. I opened my Twitter account one day to a ton of retweets, favorites and @ replies. The post was viewed nearly 200 times, which has made it my most-viewed post since I started the blog four months ago. Very cool.

More cool is that I was able to reach out to people and assure them that yes, you can still be a writer and only write a few days per week. You can be a writer and only write once per week. As long as you’re happy with the speed of your progress, that’s all that matters.

I hope that you all will continue to follow my blog, and even check out my first book, Robot Awareness, Part I, if you get a chance. And I hope you all will keep writing too.



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