Meeting a living version of Doctor Who history

This is a picture of me with one of the second Doctor’s companions, Deborah Watling, who played Victoria Waterfield in Doctor Who:

Deborah Watling, victoria waterfield, doctor who, companion, second doctor, ebook, indie publishing, convention

Deborah was an absolute joy to meet. She was friendly, kind and seemed to genuinely enjoy the con experience. I asked her whether, as a celebrity, she liked attending cons, and she said absolutely. Especially small ones when she can get out to meet people. In larger cons, guest celebrities get whisked from the hall to green rooms, and don’t get as much chance to talk with the people.

Deborah stayed and talked with Natalie and I for a good length of time (mostly Natalie, since she obviously was more familiar with Deborah’s work). I happily handed her a promo card for Robot Awareness, my sci-fi book – and I like to think that she downloaded it.

What a thrill to think that a sci-fi celebrity from Doctor Who might actually read my work!

Check out Deborah Watling’s page here: Deborah Watling

See more about the con here: (CONsole room)




  1. When I met Freema Agyeman, I said to someone that it was funny how her line was the longest….apparently she was one of the only people who would actually talk to you (she talked to me! she called me pretty!)

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