Promo cards are here – some how this ebook thing seems real

Robot awareness, ebook, sci-fi, indiepubI just picked up the promo cards from my cover designer – they look awesome!

I can’t tell you why, but somehow, this seems real now. Perhaps it’s the fact that I can physically hold it in my hand, but for some reason having something physically tangible makes this whole author thing seem like it’s actually happening.

It already was happening. And let’s be real. They’re just promo cards. Really, really good promo cards that turned out fantastically. My designer, Sara Miyanaka, is just excellent. She’s a Japanese exchange student with an awesome eye for design.

The project was beneficial for me, and it’s been a benefit for her. Not only does she make some money on the side, but she has professional work to add to her portfolio. And, the cover is starting to lead to other word for her, as well.

So, in a sense, it is real.



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