Getting close to the CONsole Room Doctor Who convention

Doctor Who, scifi, convention, writingIt’s hard to believe in only two short weeks I will be speaking at a Doctor Who convention in Minneapolis about my first book.

When I was first asked to be on a panel, Robot Awareness, Part I was still being edited, and I was waiting to hear back. The cover was finalized, and waiting to be plunked onto a page. I still had no idea what the process would look like after I finally got to the stage of publishing the darned thing.

Fast forward a month and a half. The book is edited, published and sitting on my Kindle app. I’m waiting with baited breath for it to appear on Kindle, iBookstore, Barnes and Noble and Kobo. My brilliant cover designer put together a beautiful promo card to give away at the con. (and maybe sign, if someone actually wants that?) I finally got back to writing more Robot Awareness, which felt good.

If you’re nearby, come by the CONsole Room convention May 16 thought May 18 at the Hilton at Minneapolis/Saint Paul airport. I’ll also sit in on a Downton Abbey panel. I’m not entirely sure what to expect, but I LOVE Downton Abbey, so it’s gotta be all good, right?

See you there!


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