The Price of Success: Hard Work

Seeing my first ebook in my Kindle was a small success for me.

I came across an interesting post by Darren Rowe, and expert in blogging and promotion. Rowe sat in on a conference in which a speaker talked about all the riches and sexy lifestyle he leads thanks to selling online.

Rowe, who has had a great deal of success himself, said the speaker was only showing the tip of the iceberg. He left off the long hours spent alone in his room, working toward something while wondering if he’d every make a cent.

Success in making money online is a lot like success in anything. You need to put the work in, countless hours of labor, with no guarantee it’ll ever amount to anything. You have to have the strength to endure failures before achieving success.

I can identify. I’ve spent years on Robot Awareness, and I still wonder if it’ll be a success. It might be three works after Robot Awareness before I start selling a lot of books. Or it might never happen.

I think Darren’s post is a good reminder about the true price of success – a lot if hard work.

See the post here: Darren Rowe




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