Joining a writing group

Square Peg WritersSo, I’ve done the unthinkable, or at least, unthinkable in my world. I joined a writing group.

I’ve always hated the idea of organized writing groups. Not on general principle. I think it’s a great way for writers to share ideas, give each other pointers, get support and advice, etc.

I just didn’t want that myself. Writing is something personal to me, and frankly, I hold my work close to my chest until its done and ready to share. It was hard for me to send them out to beta readers, to be honest. I tend to hand-select my fellow writers very carefully.

And that’s coming from someone who writes for a daily audience of thousands, writing about people who are generally having a very bad day.

But I shelved those concerns, because I think this is a group I can benefit from. The Square Peg Writers are a loose collection of seven writers from a variety of genres, from graphic novels to poetry to time travel – and my sci-fi/fantasy writing fits right in there. We essentially help each other market, spreading materials at cons and promoting each other on social media and the Interwebs.

The invite came from Natalie Buske Thomas, who is nothing short of a powerhouse who gets things done. Not a bad person to have in your corner.

Building relationships with other authors, such as Thomas, and being a good sport about checking out their work and promoting it is something I’ve been doing anyway.

I guess it can’t hurt to have six more authors on my side, can it?


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